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S8 Bi - Kit Reporter V

Eclairage à led SMD - de 3100 à 5650K° - Batterie V-mount

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Akurat S8 Bi - Kit Reporter V
Eclairage à led SMD - de 3100 à 5650K° - Batterie V-mount
783 € H.T
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State-of-the-art high-CRI multiluminophore LEDs and a modern microprocessor-based controller allow the device to emit a high-quality luminous flux of up to 10,000 lm that is completely free from the flickering effect. Replaceability of optics enables to modify the light’s photometric properties within a wide range.

S8 allows to adjust light output practically without affecting colour temperature. It is a tool perfect for use both in outdoor filming locations and in the studio. The optional DMX512 controller enables to control the light remotely in television studios or when the light is hard to reach.

S8 is equipped with 8 sets of TIR lenses as standard. Replaceability of lenses allows the user to adapt the parameters of a particular device to his or her current needs. Thus it is possible to illuminate wide frames from a small distance as well as to achieve very high lighting intensity with low power consumption.
There are three types of lenses available, differing in terms of angle: 30, 60 and 90 degrees. With lenses removed, the light emits a 120-degree light beam. The table below shows the photometric properties of individual S8 models configured with different optics.

Control panel and user memory in S8bi
In the back of S8 there is a control panel consisting of buttons for device operation, a display for indicating current per cent brightness setting and current colour temperature expressed in kelvins (only in S8bi), diodes signalling the operation mode, battery seats (optional) and mains power supply socket. Controllers of S8bi lights have a non-volatile memory for three panel presets that include brightness and colour temperature settings. Calling the presets from individual memory units is done by pressing the related memory buttons; storing a preset requires holding the chosen button pressed for a while. Indicators found next to the buttons signal the use of memory.

Battery operation
The unique functionality of Akurat S8bi comes from the multitude of battery supply options. The light can be adapted for small, common and inexpensive 7.4 V camera batteries offered by various manufacturers. The light requires two batteries of that type, and such a supply allows S8bi to operate at full power for up to 90 minutes. There are also adapters available for powering S8t and S8d from 14.4 V batteries with a V-Mount or a Gold Mount bracket. Adapters of that type can be installed in S8bi too. The controller of the device is equipped with a battery state tester. Current battery voltage is indicated with an accuracy of 0.1 V. The device signals low battery by flashing indicators.

S8 is equipped with a fixing yoke made from aluminium profiles. The yoke enables to orientate the light in two axes. The light can be fixed in the vertical axis with convenient adjustable levers, while fixing to a tripod or in the horizontal axis is done by means of a standard female 5/8” adapter. One accessory useful for tripod mounting is an adjustable head that enables to position the yoke at any angle. It is also possible to equip the head with a diffuser umbrella.

Key features of S8 lights

  • Very high power
  • Photometric properties of the light can be modified by replacing optics
  • No flickering effect, suitable for illuminating locations and sets filmed in slow motion at any frame rate
  • Stepless colour temperature adjustment capability as well as switching between standard daylight and tungsten colour temperature settings (only in S8bi)
  • Freely adjustable brightness (0–100%)
  • DMX512 signal control capability (option)
  • Several indications: current colour temperature in K (only in S8bi), per cent brightness, battery voltage
  • Non-volatile user settings memory
  • Can be powered by common and inexpensive 7.4 V camera batteries (only S8bi) or other camera batteries, including those of the V-Lock type
  • High efficiency and low operating temperature
  • Aluminium housing
  • Highly robust, resistant to shocks and moisture
  • Dependability
  • Long service life
  • Intuitive operation

Photometric specification
Corelated Color Temperature3100/5650 K adjusted in increments of 50 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index CRIRa>90 typ.95
Electrical specification
nominal voltageRa>13-16 V DC
maximal voltage18V
minimal voltage12V
Mechanical specification
amount of light sources (LEDs)264 PCS middle power SMD
width514 mm
height (without the yoke)304 mm
depth (without the driver)30 mm
width (with fixing levers)617 mm
type of mounting5/8F
key material of bodyAluminum
weight incl. yoke and mount3.1kg
Environmental specification
operating ambient temperature-10°C to +40°C
storage ambient temperature-40°C to +80°C
max ambient temperature85%
durability of LEDs50 000h

S8 TypeDistance (metre)DaylightTungsten
Illuminance (LX)
S8 Bi 0.618 9007 9004 9904 00316 5506 8004 2903 540
110 0603 4921 9901 6358 9253 0001 7201 420
1.27 6752 5621 4101 1566 7532 2041 2201 013
1.83 9421 2516605493 4961 087571495
2.42 3537433903272 095646338294
31 5604972592191 375431230204
S8 Daylightas Above x2
S8 Tungstenas Above x2
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