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D-Soft32 Studio Kit

Eclairage Soft à led SMD - de 3100 à 5650K° - Secteur

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Akurat D-Soft32 Studio Kit
Eclairage Soft à led SMD - de 3100 à 5650K° - Secteur
D32 est une taille 4 modèle Akurat D8. La lumière diffusée donne une belle ombre douce. Ce projecteur en aluminium de 102 × 51 cm est équipé de deux séries de LED SMD CRI à haute efficacité.
3122 € H.T
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The use of innovative diffusion materials allowed to obtain unbeatable photometric parameters. High performance is a significant energy saving. Perfect diffused light gives a lovely soft shadows, without a matrix structure.

D32 is a model size 4 times the panels D8. Measuring 102 × 51 cm aluminum illuminator is equipped with two sets of highly efficient high-CRI SMD LEDs. Such a design, combined with a microprocessor-based controller, provides brightness and colour temperature adjustment capabilities. D32 outputs up to 36000 lumens at 400W of power consumption. Only AC power is allowed. DMX control in option.

Version with an extension of G – D32G is additionally equipped with a +/- G adjustment that allows tuning of the hue of light to the vision of the cinematographer or to the ambient.

Excellent photometric performance D-SOFT owes to the use of advanced materials for the construction of the optical system. It consists of a diffusion film of a high permeability and the structure of micro-lenses placed in front of LEDs, whereas the low-lossy reflector of a high diffusion is located behind the diodes. Proper combination of these materials guarantee beautiful soft light with a high intensity.

Control panel and user memory in D32
In the back of D32 there is a control panel consisting of buttons for device operation, a display for indicating current percent brightness setting and current colour temperature expressed in kelvins, diodes signalling the operation mode and mains power supply socket. Controllers of D328 lights have a non-volatile memory for three panel presets that include brightness and colour temperature settings. Calling the presets from individual memory units is done by pressing the related memory buttons; storing a preset requires holding the chosen button pressed for a while. Indicators found next to the buttons signal the use of memory.
The optional DMX512 controller enables to control the light remotely in television studios or when the light is hard to reach.

Control panel in D32G
D32G control panel consists of buttons for device operation, and a display for indicating current percent brightness setting, current colour temperature expressed in kelvins and additionally the +/- G correction value. The driver allows the +/- G correction in 127 steps. Zero on the display means no correction, +63 represents the maximum shift of hue towards green, – 63 represents the maximum shift of hue towards purple.

Design and power supply
Four controllers are powering four parts of D32 illuminator independently. One driver is equipped with a control panel. Others work in slave mode and perform tasks ordered by the master controller. Illuminators D32 and D32G can operate only with AC 110-240V power. The modular design allows us to produce custom panels of up to 200 × 100 cm with power up to 1600W.

Key features of D32 lights

  • Beautiful very strong soft light
  • Possibility of +/- G hue correction (D32G only)
  • No flickering effect, suitable for illuminating locations and sets filmed in slow motion at any frame rate
  • Stepless colour temperature adjustment capability as well as switching between standard daylight and tungsten colour temperature settings
  • Freely adjustable brightness (0–100%)
  • DMX512 signal control capability (option)
  • Several indications: current colour temperature in K, per cent brightness, +/-G correction (D32G only)
  • Non-volatile user settings memory
  • High efficiency and low operating temperature
  • Aluminum housing
  • Highly robust, resistant to shocks and moisture
  • Dependability
  • Long service life
  • Intuitive operation

Illuminance at distance (LUX)
D8100Wdaylight3 0002 2001 010670470317
Tungsten2 5401 830930580425270
D32400Wdaylight11 4008 5004 4002 8002 0801 370
Tungsten10 3007 5003 9002 5001 8501 200
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