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LOCATION Akurat LL2120 HC2

Torche à Led SMD, haut CRI 3200 / 5600°K

En quelques mots :

La haute qualité sur l'appareil d'éclairage LED avec rendu des couleurs indice Ra = 95. Il donne un très large faisceau de lumière douce. Il est excellent pour filmer dans des lieux mal éclairés. L'angle de faisceau équivaut à 120 degrés

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Plus d'informations
  • very high quality of light with CRI: Ra=95
  • possibility of switching of color temperature
  • capability of mounting to each type of camera
  • full dimmed
  • capability of feeding from any source 6-20V
  • only 10W of max power comsumption
  • capability of power supplying directly from camcorder battery
  • high efficiency
  • low operating temperature
  • high shock and humidity resistance
  • reliability
  • longevity

The high quality on-camera LED lighting with Color Rendering Index Ra=95. It has all the advantages of its predecessor - the LL2120hc, but far exceeds it in the quantity of light emitted. The LL2120hc2 is the next "slim" type headlight with significantly decreased depth of radiator, designed based on the flat, high brightness SMD LED diodes (Surface Mount Device), in a dual balance technology. Switching of color temperature of a light has implemented by the switcher placed on the rear control panel. There is a two standard color temperature available: daylight (approx. 5600K) and tungsten (approx. 3200K). This solution makes possible a good reproduction of colours in all conditions; inside and outside of premises, without any optical conversion filters. The quality of LL2120hc2 light is near of incandescent halogen bulb light or a daylight (Ra=100).

The LL2120hc2 gives strong, very wide beam of soft light. It is excelent equipment for filming in the encountered, poorly illuminated venues. The angle of beam amounts 120 degrees, thanks to it the whole area of frame is equally illuminated, even if wide lens or wide converter are used. As other Akurat Lighting headlights the LL2120hc2 emits the flicker-free continuous stream of light and makes possible a dimming with no shift in color.

The LL2120hc2 is equipped with the traditional yoke with the screw 1/4" . It makes possible to easy set the LL2120hc2 directly into camera equipped with socket 1/4". The Included adapter is used to fasten the LL2120hc2 to the typical accessory shoe. The fixing method used in LL2120hc2 makes possible opening/closing of the camera viewfinder, without removing of light, in camcorders with the accessory shoe placed near the viewfinder monitor.

The durability of headlight is guaranted by anodised aluminum casing and the lettering engraved by laser. The power/ balance switcher, the dimmer and the DC power socket are placed on the backside of body. To build the LL2120 was used the components of renowned Japanese and European manufacturers. Particular attention should be paid to the very reliable switcher made in IP67 class, and to the modern, very durable potentiometer with the resistive path made ??of conductive plastic.

Supply options Possibility of power supplying from any source with voltage 6-20V is an unusual functionality. LL2120hc2 may be powered from typical D-Tap camera socket (14,4V) as well as from the camcorder battery, VRLA battery (6 or 12V), from the electrical installations of cars or boats , from AC adapters, etc. The LL2120hc2 consumes up to 10W of power, regardless of the voltage of source. Find the proper cable or adapter in Accessories bookmark to configure your own power supply option.

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